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DIRECTV smatv mdu dtu commercial rack
Is the acronym for Satellite Master Antenna TeleVision. It is simply video services for multiple users provided via a single satellite television antenna where the TV, rather than the satellite receiver, is used to change channels. DIRECTV narrows the definition to services sold to hospitals, hotels, dormitories, prisons and assisted living facilities.

Is the acronym for Multi Dwelling Units and typically refers to apartments, condos, town homes and master planned communities that use a centralized satellite dish location and a shared distribution system. This single dish infrastructure is what distinguished MDU from other DIRECTV business types.

Is the acronym for Multi Tenant Unit, they are private and public office buildings. Most office buildings have a secure utility closet so the need for a lock box is rare. We designed a flat metal board to mount D2 equipment directly on the board.

D2 in a Box
Is a pre-fabricated lock box that can be shipped directly to a property. We use only the best equipment in the industry. Our technicians are highly trained and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistent high levels of quality. This will help reduce installation time and errors. Our lock box are specifically designed for DIRECTV. It is the only lock box used for DIRECTV properties.
DIRECTV D2 in a Box

Basic MDU Installation.

Fiber Tronix



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