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Satpro HD RV/Tail Gate KIT 4 Output (SL3)
Directv SL3 LNB 4 Out. Portable Satellite RV Camping Tailgating
Directv SL3 LNB 4 Out. Portable Satellite Dish RV Camping Tailgating
: $113.30

Detailed Description

This kit can only be shipped FedEx Ground.


This Brand New DIRECTV High Definition portable satellite Kit is great for Camping, RV Satellite, tail gate events. You will receive this sturdy 3 foot heavy duty tripod with a 24" mast a DIRECTV Slimline DISH With SL3 LNB, a Liquid field compass and a50 feet of RG6 coax cable with connectors on each end. Also included a bubble level making your dish pointing set-up a simple process.

ATTENTION: This unit is compatible with all Directv receivers EXCEPT the H25,HR34 and HR44 (Genie). These are SWim only receivers.

The High Definition RV Tail Gate Kit Includes:

DIRECTV HD Slimline Dish SL3 LNB Satellite Dish with (4 Output) Includes Reflector, LNB and all mounting hardware.

Directv trypod satellite

3' ft Self-Supporting Tripod with 28" center mast
directv level for trypod pole

DIRECTV Pole Level, Liquid Field

50' ft Length High Quality RG6 Cable.

Jumper Cable for easy connect and disconnect your satellite meter.
mini tracker satellite meter

Satellite Meter Tracker OTM 100 Analog Satellite Signal Finder.

Flat cable rg6

Flexible Flat Coaxial Cable, use through windows and door wall frame for fast and easyinstallation.
barrel connector rg6

Barrel Adapter double female connector for easy use cable connection.

directv 18 dish tripod kit for camping

3 Tripod Supporting Spikes
directv installation cd

CD Installation Instructions

How to set it up step by step.

  • Set up your Tripod and center mast.
  • Aline the tripod with the level provided. (Mast must be perfectly level)
  • Build your Satellite Dish and install the Dish on the Tripod.
  • Adjust the satellite dish to the required compass heading and elevation. (Info provided on your satellite receiver under installation)
  • Connect the 50' ft cable to the Satellite Meter. (Receiver Input))
  • Connect the other end of the 50' ft cable to your DIRECTV satellite receiver.
  • Turn ON the Receiver, go to the setup andalightthe satellite dish.
  • Once the strongest signal isacquired, you will be ready to watch TV
If you have any questions please give us a call 305-259-4255

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