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Directv Slimline Dish Installation steps

Assembly and installation steps for the DirecTV Slimline Dish and Slimline RV kit.


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directv satellite dish instructions

1. Dish Base
2. Swivel Base
3. Hardware 1

4. Dish Arm
5. Hardware 2
6. Dish
7. Level
directv satellite dish components

Step One.


1.  Attach the swivel base #2 to the dish base #1 with three #3 Bolts and nuts.  Make sure that the bolt heads are facing the back of the satellite dish. Do not over tighten; as these bolts will be used to adjust the dish skew.

directv satellite dish insalation

Step Two.


2. Attach dish base to satellite dish using four #5 painted bolts and nuts. The painted bolt heads must be pointing out with the nuts facing the dish base.


2.1 Attaching the LNB arm to the satellite dish. With the remaining four bolts simply insert the lnb arm onto the dish base and align the four bolt holes. Insert the four bolts and tighten.

2.2  The LNB head attaches to the satellite LNB arm with a manual lever. (No tools needed). If you are going to connect a satellite meter to the LNB you may want to use a small 24 Inch RG6 cable jumper.  As seen below.

 *24 Inch RG6 Jumper cable is included with the RV satellite kit.

Step Three.


3.  Mast/ Tripod mast set up.


Your satellite kit includes a bubble level to align your wall mast or tripod mast. Make sure the air bubble is inside the center ring.  This will ensure your mast is perfectly straight and ready to receive the satellite dish.



The Pictures below are for reference only.

The Pictures below are for reference only.

The Pictures below are for referance only.

The Pictures below are for reference only.


If using a satellite meter remove the barrel connector and install the meter in its place.

How to set it up step by step. 

  • Set up your Tripod and center mast.
  • Aline the tripod with the level provided. (Mast must be perfectly level)
  • Build your Satellite Dish and install the Dish on the Tripod.
  • Adjust the satellite dish to the required compass heading and elevation. (Info provided on your satellite receiver under installation)
  • Connect the 50' ft cable to the Satellite Meter. (Receiver Input))
  • Connect the other end of the 50' ft cable to your DIRECTV satellite receiver.
  • Turn ON the Receiver, go to the setup and alight the satellite dish.
  • Once the strongest signal is acquired, you will be ready to watch TV
If you have any questions please give us a call 305-259-4255

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