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Ice Zapper 2 Dish Heater with Manual Control by Ice Zapper
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: $68.99

Detailed Description

We are happy to announce this new version of the ICE ZAPPER the ICE ZAPPER 2, this new model is "Always On!" Tested in cold Minnesota winters, the Ice Zapper 2 effectively clears snow and ice so you don't have to. Different from the Original Ice Zapper in that it does not use a thermostat sensor; just plug it in when you need to clear your dish then unplug it when it's done the job. Works on all smaller dishes - 18" to 40" metal satellite dishes and is simple to install installs on the back of your dish in minutes. Quality built in the U.S.A. and backed by a one year warranty. And because it mounts to the back of your dish, it won't interfere with your signal. Easy to use simply plug it in when you need it.


This model seems to work a bit better than the thermostat model on the bigger dish antenna system. One of the most universal and easiest to install dish heaters on the market!  The ICE ZAPPER 2 contains 2 heating elements that provide heat to keep snow and ice from gathering on the dish!


For Installation and Specification please click here!

  • Works better than the thermostat one on bigger dish antenna systems.
  • Designed for 18" to 39" metal satellite dishes.
  • Works on "Metal Dishes ONLY"

ice zapper dish heater

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