HD Orbital Tracker Standard Satellite LNB KU-Band OTL-S01 FTA

Orbital Tracker Standard LNB
Item Number: OTL-S01
Manufacturer: Orbital Tracker
Manufacturer Part No: Orbital S01
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This is the best Standard single LNB SatPro.tv has ever sold. The picture quality is hands down the best we have ever tested. 

Recommended for Amazonas 61 ,Galaxy 19/25 97W , SES1, Galaxy 18, Hispasat 30W, AMC 4, or most  Ku band satellites. Take advantage of this sales regular price is $ 16.99. Limited time offer buy now.

  Orbital Tracker LNB's are the highest rated lnb's in the world satisfaction guaranteed.  In a head to head comparison this Orbital Tracker Standard LNB's out performed all other LNB's on the market.

Orbital Tracker Universal LNB Single KU-Band .2 MPEG 4

Specifications on Orbital Tracker STANDARD KU LNB



Input Frequency

11.7-12.25 Ghz

Output Frequency

950 - 1450 MHz

LO Frequency

10.750 MHz

LO Initial Accuracy (@25°C)

+ 10 MHz

LO Temperature Drift (@ -40 – 60°C)

+ 3.0 MHz

LO Phase Noise

@ 1 KHz offset

-60 dBc/Hz


@ 10 KHz offset

-80 dBc/Hz


@ 100 KHz offset

-100 dBc/Hz

Noise Figure

0.2 dB or better (Typ.)

Gain Conversion

50dB (Min.)

Gain Variation

5dB p-p (Typ.)

Gain Flatness

  0.5 dB

Cross Pol Isolation Isolation

20 dB (Min.) 25 dB (Typ.)

Image Rejection

40 dB (Min.)


Plastic with Sealed Metal Alloy Body

Output VSWR

2 : 1

HD Ready


DC Current Consumption

160 mA (Max)

Polarization Switching Voltage Vertical:

10.5 - 14.52 V

Polarization Switching Voltage Horizontal:

15.5   -21 V


Single  75ohm F Type

Throat /Collar size


LO Spurious

-45 dBm (Max.)  

Operation Temperature

-35°C to 60°C


60°C water for  1 Hour



    Orbital tracker Standard LNB single


LNB is A low-noise block converter (LNB, for low-noise block) is the (receiving or downlink) antenna of what is commonly called the parabolic satellite dish commonly used for satellite TV reception. It is functionally equivalent to the dipole antenna used for most other TV reception purposes, although it is actually waveguide based. Whereas the dipole antenna is unable to adapt itself to various polarization planes without being rotated, the LNB can be switched electronically between horizontal and vertical polarization reception. The LNB is usually fixed on or in the satellite dish, for the reasons outlined below. The corresponding component in the uplink transmit link is called a Block upconvert (BUC).

Satellites use comparatively high radio frequencies to transmit their signals.


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