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Perfect Vision HS14ARM
Hot Shot Arm Element Satellite Dish Heater HS14ARM
Price: $44.99

Detailed Description

This item is highly recommended by the SatPro staff.

The HotShot Arm Heater warms the LNBF support arm to assist in prevention of snow buildup.  Snow piling up on the LNBF support arm can reduce the signal path enough to interfere with TV reception even if your dish has a HotShot Satellite Dish Heater on the reflector.  We highly recommend this accessory in northern climate areas where  the dish elevation angle is low to the horizon and the LNBF support arm is flat enough (horizontal) to allow snow accumulation on the support arm.

HotShot Satellite Dish Heaters have one accessory plug on the blanket and the HS14ARM plugs directly  into the provided socket connection on you HotShot.

    Detailed Specifications
  • Connects to a HotShot Satellite Dish Heater
  • Works with any Hot Shot Systems
  • Patented Technology
  • Durable all-weather material
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Plugs directly into the ACCESSORY plug of the HotShot heater blanket
  • UV Resistant
  • Switches on/off in parallel with the HotShot heater thermostat sensor
  • Safe Low Voltage Power
  • Easy Installation Instructions

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