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Perfect Vision HSCBLASSEM
Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater Cable Assembly 100 ft w/plug
Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater Cable Assembly 100 ft w/plug
Price: $19.99

Detailed Description

Cable Assembly for HotShot
100 ft. of two conductor
18AWG stranded wire with molded plug
UV protected supply wire
Molded plug on the end of the power cord fits the molded plug on the HotShot

  • Jacket us UV protected and intended for use outdoors.
  • Conductors are stranded copper, 18AWG.
  • One hundred feet (100’) of black jacket two-conductor.
We are often asked if standard two conductor ‘lamp cord’ could be used
to power the HotShot and the answer is no as lamp cord jacketing will
break down wherever it is exposed to sunlight. 
You must use a UV protected wire.
You CAN use outdoor wiring typically found at Lowe’s or Home Depot if
the wire run is longer than 100’. Use their low-voltage outdoor
lighting type wire but keep in mind that you will have to splice the
pig tail end at the antenna. For runs of up to 150 feet you should use
14 gage stranded and up to 250  feet you should use 12 gage stranded.

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