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Perfect Vision Compression Tool
Linear Compression Tool
Linear Compression Tool RG6, RG59 PVLLCSTD
: $14.99

Detailed Description

Linear Compression Tool for RG-6 and RG-59 Coaxial Cable
Pressure Snap crimp help prevent water encroaching into cable assembly. Excellent tool for professional installations.  
Tools designed for 6 & 59 compression connectors
  • Field proven - high strength body
  • Tools provide a clear view of the connector assembly compression action
  • Spring loaded, split jaws position the cable and connector for easy insertion and removal
  • Ergonomic, user friendly design
  • PPC EX6XL and CMP series  
  • Digicon  DS Series Connectors  
  • Corning Gilbert-Ultra Ease Series  
  • All Perfect Vision connectors, Seal-SNS Series Connectors
  • Best SatPro Value.   

Linear compression tool


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