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SWM-8 Power Inserter
PI-29 29V Power Inserter for SWM8 and SWM16
PI-29 Power Supply
: $10.50

Detailed Description

29V Power Supply

For Directv SWM Multiwitches.


This is the Power inserter for the SWM-8 ans SWM-16 Multisiwtch from DIRECTV, it allow you to distributed the DIRECTV signal via one cable. For use with a 5LNB DIRECTV Dish "Slimline" With this switch you can run one line from your dish to your DVR. This eight channel single wire multiswitch also allows any transponder form any satellite input to be independently selected and distributed via one of eight designated SWM output frequency channels.
**Power Inserter ONLY.
swm8 switch

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