2x4 Multiswitch by Zinwell MS2x4R0-03

 Zinwell MS2x4R0-03
Item Number: 2x4 Zimwell
Manufacturer: Zinwell
Manufacturer Part No: MS2X4WB
Price: $14.99


2x4 multiswitch
This Zinwell 2x4 Multiswitch MS2x4WB allows you to combine signal from one satellite, using a dual LNBF and distribute the signal to up to 4 satellite receivers.  
  • 2x4 Multiswitch
  • Two Satellite Inputs
  • 4 Satellite Receivers
  • MS2x4R0-03
  • 75 Ohm Terminators
  • Works with FTA, DishNetwork and DirecTV

  satellite switch ms2x4r0-03 

A multiswitch is a device used with a quattro LNB to distribute satellite TV signals to multiple (usually more than four) receivers from a single dish and LNB.

A typical KU band universal LNB can be switched between four modes (two frequency ranges and two polarisations) selected by signals from the receiver (supply voltage for polarisation and presence or absence of a 22KHz tone for frequency range). This means that each receiver needs a separate feed and twin-tuner receivers (such as sky+ and freesat+) need two separate feeds. For small numbers of receivers a multi-output LNB is used and all the feeds are taken straight from the LNB but there is a limit to the number of outputs that can reasonably be placed on a LNB.