3x8 Mutliswitch by Eagle Aspen (501080) No Power Supply

3x8 Mutliswitch by Eagle Aspen (501080) with Power Supply
Item Number: 3x8 501080
Manufacturer: Eagle Aspen
Manufacturer Part No: 501080
Price: $55.00


These are solid state, water resistant 3x8 Multiswitch by Eagle Aspen 501080 Mini Max. This 8-way Multiswitch device is used with a Dual LNB to operate 8 separate receivers with only one Satellite Dish.

3x8 multiswitch eagle aspen

This 3x8 Multiswitch has an Active or Amplified circuit for your local TV, and it gets its power from the receiver. No power supply is needed. In short, the Multiswitch will allow you to have 8 different receivers on at the same time. Each receiver is independent of each other and each receiver can watch any channel at any time.

Here's an effective way to keep your home or apartment building from looking like a NASA Moon base. If your home wants more than one satellite dish receiver, then the 3x8 Eagle Aspen MultiSwitch is an effective way to keep the clutter of multiple dish antennas off your roof. It's the perfect solution for apartment buildings or other areas where many families live together. Each Multi-switch will amplify and split the dish antenna signal for up to four receivers. It also includes input for an outdoor antenna or cable TV.

Ideal solution for DIRECTV, TiVo and Ultimate TV receivers

All Multi-Switches described on this page accept inputs from 13/17V and 14/18V switching systems, and are compatible with all the mini-dish systems on the market today.

How does it work?
When your satellite dish receiver is on, it normally sends one of two DC voltages up the coax to the dish antenna. This DC voltage normally tells the LNB (the receiver electronics in the dish) which of two bands of signal bands to receive. With a Multi-switch installed and connected to a dual LNB (one for each of the two signal bands), the Multi-switch see the "request" from a satellite dish receiver, it then switches through one of the signals. Your receiver does not react any differently when connected to a Multi-switch and the picture quality or signal strength is not degraded

Local Channels, no problem!
The Multi-switch includes an input for regular VHF/UHF TV signals. This can be an antenna on the roof or a signal from a cable TV provider. Use a Diplexer at the satellite dish receiver to split the two signals (antenna/cable or dish). The Diplexer will allow a single coax cable to carry all the signals for the Multi-switch. One Diplexer will be required at each satellite dish receiver where you want the ability to watch antenna or cable TV channels. All four outputs do not have to be used.