Assembly and installation instructions for the DirecTV

Assembly and installation instructions for the DirecTV Slimline Dish and Slimline RV kit.

NEW GEN2 Dish Shown (White Paint on Face)

Directv dish installation menu

1. Dish Base
2. Swivel Base
3. Hardware 
4. Dish Arm
5. Hardware 
6. Dish
7. Bubble Level

Assembly and installation instructions for the DirecTV Slimline Dish and Slimline RV kit

Attach the swivel base #2 to the dish base #1 with three #3 Bolts and nuts. Make sure that the bolt heads are facing the back of the satellite dish. Do not over tighten; as these bolts will be used to adjust the dish Tilt.

Directv  installation instructions

Attach dish base to satellite dish using four #5 painted bolts and nuts. The painted bolt heads must be pointing out with the nuts facing the dish base.

Attaching the LNB arm to the satellite dish. With the remaining four bolts simply insert the lnb arm onto the dish base and align the four bolt holes. Insert the four bolts and tighten.

The LNB head attaches to the satellite LNB arm with a manual lever. (No tools needed). If you are going to connect a satellite meter to the LNB you may want to use a small 24 Inch RG6 cable jumper. As seen below.

A 24 Inch RG6 Jumper cable is included with the RV satellite kit

New Gen2 Picture shown below.

Directv dish installation manual
Tripod Mast setup.

Your satellite kit includes a bubble level to align your wall mast or tripod mast. Make sure the air bubble is inside the center ring. This will ensure your mast is perfectly straight and ready to receive the satellite dish.

*This type of satellite meter is only compatible with the SL3 and SL5 (4 Output LNB Head). NOT SWM

Step By Step Instructions. Set up your tripod and insert center mast pole. The mast pole has two different size ends DirecTV requires the larger of the two pointing up. Insert the plastic bubble level into the top of the pole. The air bubble must be inside the black round ring before mounting the satellite dish pole. This will ensure that the mast is plum and level. Place the tripod away from trees or obstruction. The satellite dish when pointed must have a clear line of sight at the sky.

Assemble your satellite dish and install the dish to the tripod mast pole. Do not over tighten the bolts you will have to set the dish to the pointing parameters received from the DirecTV satellite receiver.

DirecTV Receiver setup.

Connect the satellite receiver to a television and follow these steps.

With the remote control select.

1. Menu (Receiver menu will appear)
2. Setup (Repeat satellite dish setup)
3. Select satellite dish type being used.
4. Dish Pointing (Enter Zip code of campsite or location)
5. The satellite receiver will calculate your Azimuth/Elevation/ and Tilt Numbers to set your satellite dish to.

1* Azimuth (Compass Direction Number)
2* Elevation ELEV. (Satellite Dish Elevation numbers marked Elev on swivel base.)
3* Tilt (Marked Tilt on the top of swivel base) this is a left to right circular movement. (*Look for small triangle tab pointing up)

6. Set your satellite dish to the three parameters.
7. Select View SIGNAL METER (Not Signal Strength)
8. There will be a signal bar from 0% to 100% (101W)
9. Slowly move the dish to the compass direction. When the satellite is located the signal level bar will display a colored bar and a percentage number. Try to get at least a 90% or higher signal. This takes practice the first time is always the hardest.
10. When a strong signal is acquired simply tighten the bolts on the satellite dish and exit out of the main menu screen. The receiver will begin to download the program guide. Ounce this if finished select exit and begin watching the best HD programing available! also offers satellite meters to make you satellite dish pointing a snap. Please call for recommendations based on you satellite dish type.

If you have any questions or need help please give us a call. 305-259-4255 M-F 9AM-5PM rev 0522

Re-peaking Your Satellite Dish

Before re-peaking your satellite dish, access the Signal Meters menu from the Settings and Help menu on your receiver to use the signal meter to monitor the broadcast signal to your satellite dish. To access the Signal Meters menu:

  1. Press the menu button on your remote.
  2. Select Settings and Help on the left hand menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Satellite on the left hand menu.
  5. Select View Signal Strength on the bottom right-hand screen (scroll to it using the arrows on your remote).
  6. Select Signal Meters on the bottom right-hand screen.

Re-position your television to be in your line of sight while re-peaking your satellite dish. If possible, have a friend monitor the signal meter and relay the broadcast signal strength to you while you are re-peaking your satellite dish.

To re-peak your dish you will need to perform these tasks:

  1. Check that the mast is level.
  2. Adjust the azimuth of the satellite dish.
  3. Adjust the elevation of the satellite dish.

Warning: Use caution when adjusting the mast. The weight of the satellite dish may cause the mast to swing down and hit you, a bystander, or nearby objects. This could cause bodily injury or damage to nearby objects and the satellite dish. Always grip the mast around its outside circumference to prevent injury to your fingers.