BIRDOG Ultra Satellite Signal Meter W/Compass Free Shipping

Item Number: Birdog Ultra
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Manufacturer Part No: Birdog Ultra Meter
Price: $899.00



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Birdog satellite meter with accessories

The New Birdog Ultra comes with a Free Compass! 

compass for satellite meter

This New Birdog Ultra is the Ultimate Signal Meter for the "Advanced Technician", Better Performance more Benefits.

FeatureBirdog Ultra

Lithium Battery

Powers the DIRECTV SWiM and WildBlue LNBs
13V, 18V, 21V @ up to 750mA, 30V @ up to 250 mA

LNB Drift

Measure LNB tendency to drift from the used carrier

Voltage Measurement

LNB/Cable test has been expanded to show voltage supplied to the LNBF and current being drawn

Multi-Rate Technology

ULTRA will LOCK on WildBlue signals

Digicipher II

ULTRA can LOCK on DCII signals (Starchoice)

Expanded Modulation

ULTRA can LOCK on Turbo modulation (8PSK, QPSK, 16QAM)


ULTRA will provide pointing parameters by zip code

More Custom Carrier

ULTRA can store up to 16 custom carrier files

Five Point Scan

ULTRA can scan 5 transponders at once with pass/fail indication

Replaceable Connectors

New model USB PLUS will also have replaceable connectors

More RF Level Scales

Includes dBm, dBmV (in addition to dBuV)

More File Capacity

ULTRA has up to 256 files ( compared to 64 for USB PLUS)

Better Carry Case

Added utility pocket and quick start guide pocket

Downstream Multi-Rate Technology Compatibility. The BirDog Ultra is Multi-Rate Downstream Technology Compatible and will directly on to the next generation of WildBlue™ services as they are introduced over the next few months, eventually the whole WildBlue™ network will adopt the Multi Rate Downstream Technology making some other meters obsolete.

Spectrum Display
The spectrum display capability is a useful additional feature for fault finding and trouble shooting installations allowing you to see the presence of carriers. Used in conjunction with the extensive custom carrier feature you can quickly examine a carrier using the spectrum mode.

All in one Zip Code look up
The new Zip Code feature enables you to quickly enter your installation site Zip Code to obtain your look angles and is pre-loaded as one complete table. Zip Code updates are also available as a single download via the BirDog Ultra support web site.

Expanded Measurement Display
The BirDog ultra also features an expanded measurement display for use with WildBlue Installations. This allows for extremely fine adjustment to maximize the performance of the WildBlue Ka-Band ODU antenna assembly optimizing the signal available and maximizing the system performance.

Complete Power Solution.
The BirDog Ultra provides an all in one power solution without the need for the purchase of additional power step up devices. The BirDog Ultra is equipped with a dual mode power supply delivering 13, 18, 21, and 30 Volts enabling the direct powering of LNB assemblies such as the DIRECTV® SWM™ and WildBlue ODU utilizing the latest Li-Po Lithium Polymer battery technology providing up to 6 hours of battery life: ensuring it will be ready when you need it!

Constellation Diagram
The constellation diagram is useful tool for troubleshooting and detection of faults (usually caused by faulty equipment introducing noise).

Constellation Diagram
The constellation diagram is useful tool for troubleshooting and detection of faults (usually caused by faulty equipment introducing noise).

Shock-Resistant Case
A tough ABS plastic case envelops your Birdog Ultra in a tough hard sleeve shock-resistant shell.

User Friendly
Any one who has used a BirDog will already be familiar with using the BirDog Ultra as the easy to use menu system has been expanded upon to take advantage of the new additional features that the BirDog Ultra offers.

Satellites Supported:

The BIRDOG satellite menu can be reprogrammed to include only the satellites you are interested in (stores up to 64 Satellite locations).  With the purchase of this meter you will be able to download satellite information and update your BIRDOG Ultra via the web (very easy and takes about 2 minutes). For the latest supported satellites please visit

birddog satellite meter logo

3 Generation LNBf DirecTv 101 west

K V Amazonas 61 West

3 Generation LNBf DirecTv 119 west

K V AMC1 103 West

B L DirecTv 110 west

K V AMC15 105 West

B L DirecTv 72.5 west

K V AMC3 87 West

B L Nimiq 2 82 West

K V AMC4 101 West

B L Nimiq1 91 West

K V AMC4 Starband 101 West

B L Rainbow1 61.5 west

K V AMC5 79 West

B R DishNetwork 110 West

K V AMC6 72 Wes

B R Dishnetwork 119 West

K V AMC9 83 west

B R Dishnetwork 129 west

K V Anik F2 111.1 West

B R Dishnetwork 148 West

K V Direcway IA8 89 West

B R Dishnetwork 61.5 West

K V Echostar9 121 West

B R Nimiq3 91 West

K V Galaxy10R 123 West

BR DirecTv 72.5 west

K V Galaxy11 91 West

C H AMC1 103 west

K V Galaxy13/Horizon1 127 west

C H AMC11 131 West

K V Galaxy3C 95 West

C H AMC3 87 West

K V Galaxy4R 99 West

C H AMC4 101 West

K V GTECH Gilat AMC4 101

C H AMC8 139 West

K V GTECH Gilat AMC4 101 West

C H Echostar 9 121 West

K V GTECH Hughes AMC4 101 West

C H Galaxy10R 123 West

K V Hispasat1C 30 West

C H Galaxy11 91 west

K V Horizons1 127 west

C H Galaxy12 125 West

K V Horizons1 127 West

C H Galaxy1R 133 West

K V IA5 97 West

C H Galaxy3C 95 West

K V IA6 93 West

C H IA5 97 West

K V IA6 DMX 93 Wes

C H Intelsat 805 55.5 west

K V IA7 129 West

C H PAS 1R 45 West

K V IA-8 89 West

C H PAS-3R 43 West

K V Intelsat 801 31.5 West

C H PAS9 58 West

K V Nahuel1 71.8 West

C H SatcomC4 135 West

K V NSS-7 22 West

C H Satmex5 116.8 West

K V PAS 1R 45 West

C H Solidaridad2 113 West

K V Satmex5 116.8 West

C L Intelsat 705 50 West

K V Starband IA7 129 West

C L NSS-806 40.5 West

K V Telstar12 15 West

C V AMC1 103 west

K V Telstar5 97 West

C V AMC1 103 westC H AMC1
103 west

Ka/Ku Multi-Satellite 5 dish DirecTv 101west

C V AMC11 131 West

Superdish 105 West

C V AMC12 37.5 West

Superdish 121 West

C V AMC4 101 West

U H Amazonas 61 West

C V AMC6 72 West

U H AMC1 103 West

C V AMC7 137 West

U H AMC3 87 West

C V AMC8 139 West

U H AMC5 79 West

C V AnikF1 107.3 West

U H AMC6 72 West

C V AnikF2 111.1 West

U H Anik E1 118.7 West

C V Echostar 9 121 West

U H Echostar9 121 West

C V Galaxy10R 123 West

U H Galaxy10R 123 West

C V Galaxy11 91 west

U H Galaxy11 91 West

C V Galaxy1R 133 West

U H Galaxy13 127 West

C V Galaxy3C 95 West

U H Galaxy3C 95 West

C V Galaxy4R 99 West

U H Galaxy4R 99 West

C V Galaxy9 127 West

U H Hispasat1C 30 West

C V IA5 97 West

U H Horizons1 127 West

C V IA7 129 West

U H Horizons1 127 West SkyWay

C V Intelsat805 55.5 west

U H IA5 97 West

C V PAS 1R 45 West

U H IA6 93 West

C V PAS-3R 43 West

U H IA7 129 West

C V PAS9 58 west

U H IA8 89 West

C V SatcomC3 131 West

U H Intelsat 705 50 West

C V Satmex5 116.8 West

U H PAS-1R 45 West SkyWay

CV Solidaridad2 113 West

U H PAS-9 58 West Mex Test

DishPro 110 west

U H Satmex5 116.8 West

DishPro 119 west

U H SBS6 74 West

K H Amazonas 61 West

U H Telstar11 37.5 West

K H AMC1 103 West

U H Telstar12 15 West

K H AMC15 105 West

U H Telstar5 97 West

K H AMC3 87 West

U V Amazonas 61 West

K H AMC4 101 West

U V AMC1 103 West

K H AMC4 Starband 101 West

U V AMC15 105 West

K H AMC5 79 West

U V AMC3 87 West

K H AMC6 72 West

U V AMC4 101 West

K H AMC9 83 West

U V AMC5 79 West

K H Direcway IA8 89 West

U V AMC6 72 West

K H Echostar9 121 West

U V AMC9 83 West

K H Estrela do Sul 63 West

U V Anik E1 118.7 West

K H Nahuel1 71.8 West

U V Anik E2R 111.1 West

K H NSS-7 22 West

U V Anik F2 111.1 West

K H PAS 1R 45 West

U V Echostar9 121 West

K H Satmex5 116.8 West

U V Galaxy10R 123 West

K H G4R DirecWay 99 West

U V Galaxy11 91 West

K H Galaxy10R 123 West

U V Galaxy13 127 West

K H Galaxy11 91 West

U V Galaxy3C 95 West

K H Galaxy13/Horizon1 127 west

U V Galaxy4R 99 West

K H Galaxy3C 95 West

U V Hispasat1C 30 West

K H Galaxy4R 99 West

U V Horizons1 127 West

K H Hispasat1C 30 West

U V IA5 97 West

K H Horizons1 127 west

U V IA6 93 West

K H IA5 97 West

U V IA7 129 West

K H IA6 93 West

U V IA8 89 West

K H IA7 129 West

U V Intelsat 801 31.5 West

K H IA-8 89 West

U V Naheul1 71.8 west

K H Intelsat 705 50 West

U V NSS-7 22 West

K H SBS6 74 West

U V PAS-9 58 West Mex Test

K H Starband IA7 129 West

U V Satmex5 116.8 West

K H Telstar11 37.5 west

U V Telstar12 15 West

K H Telstar12 15 West

U V Telstar5 97 West

K H Telstar5 97 West



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