DIRECTV RC73B Universal RF IR Back-Lit Light Remote Control

DIRECTV RC73B Universal RF IR Back-Lit Light Remote
Item Number: RC73B Remote
Manufacturer: DIRECTV
Manufacturer Part No: RC73B
Price: $19.99


This is the New DIRECTV Universal Genie Remote RF Radio Frequency RC73.-nbsp;This is original OEM Equipment, not an aftermarket product.-nbsp;

One of the newest remotes from DirecTV replaces models RC23R, RC24R, RC32R, RC64R, RC65R, RC65RX, RC23, RC24,-nbsp;RC32, RC64,-nbsp;and RC65 with updated codes and bigger buttons for easier control.-nbsp;

The RC73 will also control your TV and/or receiver for the volume and power functions, once you've told the remote what model components you have.-nbsp; This remote is compatible with all legacy and current DIRECTV receivers in IR mode ( H25, H24, HR34, HR44, HR24, HR23, H23, HR20, HR22, H20, HR21, H21, R15, R16, D12, C31, C41).-nbsp;

This remote will only work in RF mode with the DIRECTV HR44 Genie and the Genie clients C41 and C41W (When in RF mode, it will still use IR for TV/AV functions). -nbsp;

It comes with batteries!!

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