DIRECTV SWM SL5S Satellite LNB Kit with Power and Splitter

DIRECTV SWM SL5S LNB Kit with Power and Splitter
Item Number: SL5S LNB Kit
Manufacturer: DIRECTV
Manufacturer Part No: SL5S
Your Price: $79.00


-nbsp;For DirecTV Slimeline HD dish only.
This kit converts your four wire SL5 or SL3 Slimline LNB to the New (SWM Single Wire Multi-switch) .-nbsp; The SWM kit allows you to run one cable from the dish into the 8 way splitter. The SWM technology can send two signals off one coaxial run to the receiver this is great when using a DVR with dual tuners.-nbsp; The SWM technology also allows easier receiver networking and video sharing receiver to receiver.

Please see diagrams below.
direct tv sl5s4r2-nbsp;
-nbsp;Product Features:
  • This kit includes a SWM LNB -ldquo;Single Wire Multiswitch-rdquo; for a Slimline Dish.
  • Comes with power supply.
  • This SWM kit also comes with the DIRECTV 8 Way Wide Band Switch
  • All hardware necessary to do the conversion.
  • To be used to pick up high definition local channel programming from DIRECTV
  • The SL5S SWM LNB is designed with an built-in 8-channel Multiswitch which allows you to have multiple satellite feeds at once. Coaxial RG6 cable not included.
  • Manufacturers may vary. All components are DIRECTV approved manufacturers.
  • One outputs carrying satellite signal from all Five satellites in the sky
  • Capable of receiving DIRECTV satellite signals on the Ku band (101-deg;, 110-deg;, 119-deg;) and Ka band (99-deg;, 103-deg;)
  • LNB Arm Not Included
pi-21 Power supply

This is the SWM Power Suply

  • The PI-21 Power Inserter is designed for use on the SWiMLine dish.
  • Frequency Range: 2-2150Mhz-nbsp;
  • Can be used for the SWM-8-nbsp;
  • UL Listed -nbsp;
  • Output: 21v/ 1.2A max/ 25.2W max.-nbsp;
  • Input 100~120Vac/ 60Hz/ 0.6A max/ 30W max
  • Insertion loss 1.5db typ.
swm 8 way splitter
  • 8-way Wide Band Satellite Splitter, One Port DC Path (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • 500mA DC passing from any output to input
  • Diode steered protection
  • Grounding port provided
  • High isolation between outputs
  • Images and Manufacturers may vary - all parts are DIRECTV SWM Approved. SWS8WB

sl5s4r2 setup


LNB is A low-noise block converter (LNB, for low-noise block) is the (receiving or downlink) antenna of what is commonly called the parabolic satellite dish commonly used for satellite TV reception. It is functionally equivalent to the dipole antenna used for most other TV reception purposes, although it is actually waveguide based. Whereas the dipole antenna is unable to adapt itself to various polarization planes without being rotated, the LNB can be switched electronically between horizontal and vertical polarization reception. The LNB is usually fixed on or in the satellite dish, for the reasons outlined below. The corresponding component in the uplink transmit link is called a Block upconvert (BUC).
Satellites use comparatively high radio frequencies to transmit their signals.

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