Directv SL3 LNB Slimline Dish-Kit 4 Output

Directv SL3 LNB Slimline Dish-Kit 4 Output
Item Number: SL3 4 lnb DishKit
Manufacturer: DIRECTV
Manufacturer Part No: SL3
Price: $158.99


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(4 Output) Dish
 Kit has 1 (4 output) LNB and the new Slimline Dish from DIRECTV and all necessary components to install in a fixed position.  The LNB receives the 99W 101W and 103W  satellites all the HD satellite signals. 
Slimline Dish
  • This DirectvTV Slimline Dish has a Slim Profile, makes this dish aesthetically pleasing for areas with Home Owners Association
  • The Dish is: 22.5 in. x 32.5 in.
  • The Slimline Kit Includes the Azimuth/Elevation Mount
  • Includes long and short support bracket for stability
  • This DIRECTV Dish is to be used to pick up high definition local channel programming from DIRECTV
  • 4 OutPut LNB can connect to a SWM8, 16, or 32 for more recivers.
  • Heavy duty J-Mount with 2" outer diameter mast opening
  • Capable of receiving DIRECTV Signals from the 99W HD , 101W SD and 103 HD satellites.
  • LNB arm with LNBS attached extends 23.5" from the dish surface area
  • Including J-mount Mast, Dish Surface, Dish Back Assembly, Arm and Pole Attachment Braces
LNB is A-nbsp;low-noise block converter LNB, for low-noise block) is the (receiving or downlink) antenna of what is commonly called the parabolic satellite dish commonly used for satellite TV reception. It is functionally equivalent to the dipole antenna used for most other TV reception purposes, although it is actually waveguide based. Whereas the dipole antenna is unable to adapt itself to various polarization planes without being rotated, the LNB can be switched electronically between horizontal and vertical polarization reception. The LNB is usually fixed on or in the satellite dish, for the reasons outlined below. The corresponding component in the uplink transmit link is called a Block upconvert