Dish Network HD HyBrid 1000.2 Portable RV Kit Western Ark Camping Tailgating

Item Number: Dish1000.2RVKIT
Manufacturer: Satpro
Manufacturer Part No: Dish1000.2RVKIT
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Dish Network High Definition HyBrid 1000.2 Western Arc Turbo HDTV portable satellite Kit is great for Camping, RV'ing, and tail gate events. The Dish Turbo HDTV Satellite Dish Tripod Kit is perfect for the traveler or tailgater that wants to take their satellite TV on the road. All you need to do is assemble the dish, connect the dish to the receiver, and then point the dish to the satellites! This kit comes with everything you need to complete the installation. All you need is your Dish Network receiver, 120v power, your television, and some basic hand tools.

Compatable with All Dish Network Receivers.

You will receive:

  • Black Dish Turbo HD satellite dish antenna
  • Dish 1000.2 Western Arc HyBrid LNBF for receiving 110w, 119w, and 129w.
  • 2 ft. galvanized tripod with pole and pole level.
  • 50ft - RG6 coaxial cable with professional grade connectors installed.
  • One RG6 jumper cable coaxial cable for connecting LNBF to satellite finder
  • A Digital Satellite Signal Meter with Audio tone and built in light.
  • F81 double female barrel connector for connecting the jumper cable to the 50ft RG6 coaxial cables when installation is complete.
  • One compass.
  • Satellite Meter Portable Power Supply

The High Definition RV & Tail Gate Kit Includes:

Dish Network lnb 1000.4 satellite
Dish Network Turbo HD Satellite Dish antenna with Dish 1000.2 Western Arc LNBF for receiving 110w, 119w, and 129w.
satellite tripod

2' ft Self-Supporting Tripod with center mast pole.
rg6 cable

50' ft Length High Quality RG6 Cable.
compass for satellite meter

Satellite Meter Tracker OTM 100 Analog Satellite Signal
Satellite Meter Tracker OTM 100 Analog Satellite Signal Finder.
satellite portable power supply

Satellite Meter Portable Power Supply.
barrel adapter
Barrel Adapter double female connector for easy use of meter.
jumper cable
Jumper Cable for easy connect and disconnect your satellite meter.

How to set it up step by step. 

  • Set up your Tripod and center mast.
  • Aline the tripod. (Mast must be perfectly level)
  • Build your Satellite Dish and install the Dish on the Tripod.
  • Adjust the satellite dish to the required compass heading and elevation. (Info provided on your satellite receiver under installation)
  • Connect the 50' ft cable to the Satellite Meter. (Receiver Input))
  • Connect the other end of the 50' ft cable to your satellite receiver.
  • Turn ON the Receiver, go to the setup and alight the satellite dish.
  • Once the strongest signal is acquired, you will be ready to watch TV

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