Dish Network Satellite Tripod with Mast Self-Supporting 1 5/8

Satellite tripod rv directv with mast
Satellite tripod rv directv with mastTripod Spikes
Item Number: Dish Network Tripod
Manufacturer: Dish Network
Manufacturer Part No: Dish SPTripod
Price: $45.00


Now With Universal Mast fits both Dish Network (1 5/8) and DirecTv Dishes (2 Inch) OD Mast.

Includes three steel foot spikes to secure your satellite dish to the ground!!

This Tripod was designed for the larger HD satellite dishes like the Dish Network Slimline and Free to air. The tripods can be permanently bolted to building surfaces or even concrete with the proper anchor bolts which you provide. This is one of the best tripod for your Satellite system. Use this portable tripod for your RV, Camper, Appartment or Tailgating. Works almost on all your satellite dishes. 

The tripod legs retract and can be stowed in RVs or even carried in passenger vehicles if a portable antenna stand is needed in a mobile application.

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Zinc / galvanized surfaces resist rust
  • Mount on roofs, decks or any sturdy surface
  • Swivel feet rotate to accommodate pitched surfaces
  • Can be used as a portable tripod for RV use
  • Comes with universal mast pole 1 5/8 (Dish Network) and  2 Inch OD (DirecTV)