Enviroreel-Kit Enviroreel and Adapter Key Green Cable Dispenser

Enviroreel-Kit Enviroreel and Adapter Key Green Cable Dispenser
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Manufacturer Part No: ENVIROREEL-KIT
Price: $89.99


Copper Ground wire Grounding cable  

ENVIROREEL-KIT  Enviroreel & Adapter Key Cable Dispenser

This protective case replaces the typical cardboard box that conventional coax reels are stored in. The case offers the coax more protection from the elements of nature and the elements of installation transport and handling.

The case is made from polypropylene plastic and is recyclable at the end of its long life as an installers aid.

Pre-loaded reels designed for this dispenser are available from us in various coax cable types. The dispenser can be stacked two (2) high for transport or to provide the option of pulling two different coax types in one bundle pull.

The dispenser weighs 4.45 pounds not including any coax. 

  • EnviroReel® is your complete cable management system!  Additional features and benefits:

    Reduces costs -
    Reduces cardboard build-up, waste and disposal.
    Lowers shipping costs.
    Saves fuel costs with more in a container.

    Streamlined logistics - 
    Maximum efficiency in stacking, loading and shipping.
    Saves space with up to 50% more quantity on a pallet.
    Design maximizes warehouse storage footprint.

    Ensures security - 
    Features unique ReeLogic™ security key to reduce theft.

    Provides versatility - 
    EnviroReel® supports coax, mini-coax, cat5, phone and security cable.
    Quickly change the reel for installation efficiency.

    Eco-friendly solution - 
    Innovative design supporting a greener footprint.
    Eco-friendly weatherproof cable solution.
    Dispenser is 100% recyclable and made in the USA.
    Lightweight reels are made of recycled polypropylene.