F81 High Frequency Blue Barrel Female Connector Splicer 50/Bag

F81 High Frequency BLUE Barrel Female Connector Splicer 50/bag
Item Number: PV05F81HF 50 Bag
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Manufacturer Part No: PV05F81HF
Price: $20.00


The internal components of this fitting are much different from a standard VHF/UHF barrel connector. The center coax conductor indexes into a close-tollerance tube that is resilient (spring) brass and is gold plated. The close center-tube tolerance assures a tight connection, the gold plating assures a good electrical connection and the overall performance is greatly improved over standard designs. Internally, the center conductor tube is insulated from the inner skin of the barrel by a maximum air gap which results in much less RF loss. Insertion loss is extremely low and not really necessary to consider in complex systems.
  • Bag of 50
  • Double female barrel connector
  • Use to join two cables
  • Also fits to wall plates
  • Used for high frequency cable runs
  • 3 GHZ
  • Internal components designed for high frequency
  • Gold plated center conductor assures minimum RF loss & good electrical connections
  • Resilient internal metals for dependable repeated insertion connections
  • Can easily be used in wall plates with your addition of a thin capture nut
  • Minimal insertion loss

use F-81 or ‘barrel connectors” to link coaxial cables together within satellite, antenna and, cable television systems. Often, little thought is given to the F-81 used and things tend to work as expected. Satellite systems in particular, use high frequency signals. As satellite services increase offerings, so too does the bandwidth of the satellite system to transport these services. As bandwidth is increased, higher frequencies are employed to transport additional video channels and this challenges the integrity of the F-81 connector.