Ice Zapper Satellite Dish Heater with Thermostat On-Off Sensor

Ice Zapper
Item Number: Zapper ON/OFF Sensor
Manufacturer: Ice Zapper
Manufacturer Part No: Ice Zapper
Price: $119.99


The Famous ICE ZAPPER One of the most universal and easiest to install dish heaters on the market! Tested in cold Minnesota winters, the Original Ice Zapper with temperature sensor effectively clears snow and ice so you don't have to.

The automatic On/Off with built-in temperature sensor kicks the heater on as the temperature drops and then turns it back off when the temperature warms up. Our NEW and IMPROVED Ice Zapper features a more sensitive thermostat that comes on quicker in cold weather and more advanced weather protection around the thermostat. Works on all smaller dishes - 18" to 40" metal satellite dishes and is simple to install installs on the back of your dish in minutes. Quality built in the U.S.A. and backed by a one year warranty. And because it mounts to the back of your dish, it won't interfere with your signal.

  • New and Improved more sensitive thermostat
  • Weather Protection
  • Designed for 18" to 39" metal satellite dishes.
  • Works on "Metal Dishes ONLY"


dish heater

Installation and use of Ice Zapper® satellite Dish Heater
Step 1
Lay out the Ice Zapper® to check for placement before affixing to dish.

Step 2
IMPORTANT: Thoroughly clean the surface of the dish with alcohol where the Ice Zapper® will be installed.

Step 3
Carefully peel off the protective slip sheet from the pressure sensitive adhesive on the Ice Zapper®. Apply the two heater patches on either side of the mounting bracket and press firmly into place.

While the Ice Zapper® can be applied in cold weather, the first time the dish is warmed from either the sun or the heater itself, you will need to reapply pressure and smooth the surfaces.

The unit is fully operational once installed. When plugged in, the Ice Zapper® sensor automatically turns the unit on at 35° and off at 55°. (Temperatures are approximate.)

Make sure your heater is plugged into an outlet approved for outdoor use. Do not plug in until the heater has been installed on your dish.