Iridium Airtime Service Plans

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Postpaid Airtime 
Postpaid airtime requires a one year service agreement.

Postpaid Plan
Monthly Fee
Included Minutes
Additional Minute Rate
0 per month
$1.49 per minute
30 per month
$1.39 per minute Yes
100 per month
$1.19 per minute
250 per month
$0.99 per minute
Emergency*   $365.00 per yr 0 per year $6.00 per minute  Yes 
 Emergency Plus*  $575.00 per yr 0 per month  $2.00 per minute  Yes

 * Each of the emergency plans are paid annually in advance by credit card and do not include any monthly airtime minutes. Each plan automatically renews year to year unless Satpro receives notice of cancellation 30 days prior to the renewal date. The Emergency plans do not support data (e-mail) transfers. Calls to other Iridium phones on the Emergency Plan are charged at $6.00 per minute and $2.00 per minute on the Emergency Plus Plan.


Prepaid Airtime 
Prepaid airtime is quick and easy, requires no credit check and can be recharged at any time.

Prepaid Minutes
Valid For
Per Minute Rate
75 Minutes
30 Days
$1.99 per minute
200 Minutes
180 Days
$2.13 per minute
500 Minutes
365 Days
$1.39 per minute
3000 Minutes
730 Days
$1.00 per minute
5000 Minutes 730 Days $4,500.00 $0.90 per Minute