Lewmar 5' 1 4" G4 Chain W 100' 1 2" Rope

Lewmar 5' 1 4" G4 Chain W 100' 1 2" Rope
Item Number: LEW69000331
Manufacturer: Lewmar
Manufacturer Part No: 69000331
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 Lewmar's 3-strand rope is an economical choice for your windlass rode. Keep in mind, the windlass does not stow the rode in the anchor locker - gravity does. So make sure you have ample depth and volume in your anchor locker to accommodate the length of rode you have chosen.

3-Strand is typically 20-30% less expensive than premium plaited anchor line.

3-Strand line, when used in salt water, will stiffen over time. It can be soaked in a bucket of fresh water and fabric softener overnight (the longer the better) to bring back a more flexible condition. If this does not yield acceptable results, it should be replaced.