Non-Penetrating Roof Mount 1 3/4 & 2 inch Mast-Adjustable

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount
Item Number: NPR6B
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Manufacturer Part No: NPR6B
Price: $89.99


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non penetrating foof mount satellite mount  
This is the Non-Penetrating Roof Mount 2" for the Slimeline Dish
  • 1 3/4 and 2 inch Mast Diameter 
  • Minor adjustment of mast pitch from 2 degrees positive to 10 degrees negative
  • Black powder coated steel construction
  • 1.50” angle steel frame
  • Holds Eight concrete blocks for ballast
  • No roof drilling or roof penetration required
  • K.D. assembly allows easier portability to the roof.

This mount provides a 1 3/4 and 2.0 inch” mast, the installer selects the diameter when assembling the frame. If the flat roof has a sleight pitch the mast can be adjusted from 2° outward from the frame to a little over 10° inward toward the block area.

No holes need to be drilled in the roof surface, this avoids reluctance by building owners and reduces the possibly of roof leaks. The total weight of the assembly can be varied by the use of either “light” concrete blocks or standard weight blocks.

Of course, this and ALL roof mounted antenna assemblies should be tethered to the building with a flexible steel cable for maximum security.
roof mount for DIRECTV Dish
Frame made from 1.5” angle steel
Inner angles taper to allow mounting of different O.D. mast
Mast pipe can be angled inward or outward for minor pitch changes
Mast pipe is 1.75” diameter on one end, 2.0” diameter on the other end
Self-tapping ground screw provided in the bolt kit
npr8 dimensions
Note: This mount is designed for FLAT roofs only!