Pipe Adapter 1 5/8" for Direc.t.v. and Dish Network

Pipe Adapter
Item Number: PTQPA
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Manufacturer Part No: PTQPA
Price: $9.75


Round pipe adapter satellite pipe adapter  
This is the pipe adapter 1 5/8 OD for your satellite dish
  • Utilize an existing vertical pipe for installing a new DBS antenna
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Grey powder coated
  • Two O.D.s availble for most satellie antennas 

    vertical pipe adapter

    This device allows you to install a smaller DBS type antenna on top of an existing metal pipe. Typically, this would be an old C-band type ground pin of approximately 3.5” O.D. but any steel pipe which is securely mounted and stationary would work.
    The adapter has a slotted end which slips down over the exposed open end of a pipe and then tightens down with two provided grade five hex head bolts. The attached adapter then provides a smaller diameter short mounting pole for the smaller antennas.
    The adapter is available in a 1 5/8” O.D. or a 2.0” O.D. The adapters are grey powder coated steel.
    We suggest that this device secures best to round pipes. Flat steel does not provide enough grip.
    satellite dish adapter
    1.50 in. wide x 1.50 in. high x 8.00 in. deep
    Volume: 18.00 cubic in.
    Weight: 1.35 lbs.

    26.50 in. wide x 22.50 in. high x 53.00 in. deep
    Volume: 31,601.25 cubic in.
    Weight: 70.00 lbs.





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