SONORA DBS 2 LNB Ka Ku Line Amp LA142a-T

SONORA DBS 2 LNB Ka Ku Line Amp LA142a-T
Item Number: LA142a-T
Manufacturer: Sonora
Manufacturer Part No: LA142a-T
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(2) LNB Ka/Ku Line Amp 14 dB gain, 5 dB slope, 250 to 2400 MHz, DC passive IN/OUT with power supply

DBS Ka/Ku or ATSC off-air signals are required at multiple locations connected via coax cable. Signal loss must be off -set-nbsp;

Models LA141a, LA142a , LA143a, LA144a or LA145a may be placed after a DBS dish or ATSC antenna to extend the signals the equivalent of 150 feet of RG-6 cable.-nbsp;

LA14a series amplifiers have 14 dB gain. LA28a series amplifi ers have 28 dB gain with higher output power. LAL20a series with automatic gain are preferred in cascade to simplify design and installation.