Winegard SWM-D30 Multi-Switch Kit for DIRECTV

SWM-8 Single Wire Multiswitch
Item Number: SWM-D30
Manufacturer: DIRECTV
Manufacturer Part No: SWM-840
Price: $139.99


SWM-8 Single Wire Multi-Switch
Winegard SWM-8 Switch Kit. The Winegard SWM-840 SWM-8 Switch Kit allows the use of DIRECTV SWM-only technology receivers with non-SWM Winegard mobile satellite TV antennas. The SWM-840 Kit includes: SWM-8 switch, power inserter, 4-way splitter, and mounting hardware. Note that Model SK-SWM3 SWM TRAV'LER antenna (Coast 80828) operates with DIRECTV SWM technology without separate accessories. Receivers compatible with SWM technology: DIRECTV receiver models H25, HR34 and C31 are SWM-only receivers and require the SWM-840. If unsure of your receiver model, check the back of the receiver or the inside front door of the smart card slot.