Set up Directv Receiver for a different Dish

Setting up your DirecTV receiver for a different DirecTV dish.

You need to repeat your Satellite Setup on your receiver to be able to change the satellite dish type:

  1. Press the menu button on your remote.
  2. Select Settings and Help on the left hand menu.

    Directv menue settings and help

  3. Select Settings.

    Directv menue settings

  4. Select Satellite on the left hand menu.

    Directv menue setup

  5. Select Repeat Satellite Setup on the bottom right-hand screen (scroll to it using the arrows on your remote).

    Directv menu repeat satellite setup

  6. Because this process interrupts all programming, you will have to push the {DASH} button on the remote to continue. When you do, you will see the Satellite Setup menu.

    Directv menu signal

  7. Select the dish type you want and the multiswitch type. If you already have a SWM, that option should be set automatically. If the switch type is “02: Multiswitch” you can arrow over and down to “Recheck SWM” and press {SELECT} if you feel it should be set to SWM.

    Directv menu dish type

  8. Look at warning on the bottom left hand side, it will tell you if a B-Band Converter is require or not, if it does, you will need to install one.
  9. Look at pictures below to determine the type of dish you have.

    Select (01:Round 18) if you have this dish.
    Directv 18 inch dish and lnb

    Select (03: Slimline-3) if yo have this dish.
    Directv sl3 dish and LNB

    Select (17: Slimline-3S SWM) if yo have this dish.
    Directv SL3S dish and LNB

    Select (04: Slimline-5) if yo have this dish.
    Directv LS5 dish and LNB

    Select (18: Slimline-5S SWM) if yo have this dish.
    Directv SL5S dish and LNB

  10. When the settings are right, arrow over to “Continue,” and press {SELECT}.

The receiver will then go through its automatic setup and retrieval of guide data. This can take several minutes. When it’s done, you will have the option to set up the remote if you wish. When setup is finally done, you can watch live TV or view the guide.