Single RG6 Cable Clips with Screw in White 100 Bag

Single RG6 Cable Clips with Screw in White 100 Bag
Item Number: Single White Screw Clip GC12WHT
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Manufacturer Part No: GC12WHT
Price: $8.25


This 1/2" white grip clip allows you to hold a single coax cable line by inserting the line into the clip and then screwing it into the desired location. This prevents the cable from being easily snagged by securing it in an out-of-the-way place. This grip clip penetrates the surface of resistant material 1/2" allowing for a deeper gripping of the screw. Each bag contains 100 clips.

Clips Hold Coax Neatly in Place


- No risk of damaging coax jacketing

- Clips conform to coax surface without indenting or creating a RF ‘choke’

- Clip conforms to various diameters of coax

- Almost 360° of grip prevents sliding of coax

- GripClip can be removed and re-used if coax needs adjustment/replacement

- No ‘surprise shorts’ or unseen coax cable penetration as is common with staples


- UV protected PVC plastic
- Fits standard RG-6, Trishield RG-6 and Quadshield RG-6
- All clips accommodate one antenna ground(messenger) wire
- Minimum 1/2” or 7/8” penetration of mounting surface depending on model
- Yellow zinc plated mounting screw, 1/4” hex drive head