Slimline Satellite Dish Heater by Hot Shot W Power-Cable

Item Number: Slimline Hotshot
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Manufacturer Part No: hsslngrfkitslimline
Price: $175.00


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hot shot slimline dish heater

Satellite Dish Heater

This low voltage satellite dish heater is designed for the DIRECTV Slimline HD Satellite Dish or any similar shaped reflector. The Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater Kit will keep your Satellite Dish antenna Clear of Ice and Snow from collecting on your satellite dish

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The heating element can be mounted on the front or the back of the satellite dish. 

The Hot Shot satellite dish heater has a Built-in temperature sensor that turns on the Heating element on in freezing conditions.
By using the HotShot Dish Heater you will prevent service outages due to signal loss caused by the buildup of snow or ice on the dish.

It can also reduce rain fade by up to 75%. By simply attaching the self-adhesive vinyl pad to the satellite antenna.


  • Safelow-voltage 24VA Charger
  • Automatic thermostat turns "on" just above freezing temperatures and "off" when the dish surface warms up.
  • Durable Vinyl material.
  • Etched foil  heating element.
  • Multiple heat zones apply the maximum heat where it's needed most.
  • 3M Acrylic adhesive assures a tight bond to the antenna.
  • Conforms to the reflector curves and angles.
  • One hundred feet of electrical cable provided.
  • Heavy duty wire wound power transformer provided.
  • Blanket Size: 28 X 20

This Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater Kit Includes
  • 100 Feet of Cable
  • Thermostatic Temperature Sensor
  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions
  • Durable All-Weather Material
  • Safe Low Voltage Power Supplies
  • 1 Transformer Connection

directv satellite dish heater

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