Sonora 3 DBS Inputs 8 Outputs S3x8

Sonora 3 DBS Inputs 8 Outputs S3x8
Item Number: S3x8
Manufacturer: Sonora
Manufacturer Part No: S3x8
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(3) DishPro Inputs, Input window -25 to -45 dBm for (8) sets Auto gain Outputs for up tp 24 DP34 or DPP44 switches (96 receivers), with Power Supply

An apartment building is cluttered with dishes on balconies while some residents have no southern view and cannot receive DBS signals.-nbsp;

SONORA distribution hubs amplify multiple DBS signals using automatic gain control so one set of dishes feed multiple apartments.

Three satellite hubs are illustrated for use with DISH 110ú , 119ú and 129ú signals. This is the most common application. They can be used to split (3) 250 to 2150 MHz DBS inputs to multiple outputs. Multiple satellite hubs are available for one, three and fi ve coax inputs (models S1x6, S1x8, S1x12, S1x16, S1x24, S1x32, S2x3, S2x6, S2x8 -amp; S5x8).