Sonora Cable Amp 14dB gain CA14R-T

Sonora Cable Amp 14dB gain CA14R-T
Item Number: CA14R-T
Manufacturer: Sonora
Manufacturer Part No: CA14R-T
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This unit is being replaced by LA141R

Cable Amp 14 dB gain, passive sub-band return with Power transformer

You need to add TV outlets for local broadcast or cable TV High definition signals. Data modem service is also needed to each TV outlet.

Models CA14R-T and CA24R-T boost broadcast or cable TV signals while passing cable modem signals. Model CA14R provides 14 dB gain and the CA24R provides 24 dB gain.

Model LA141xR amplifier should be used when both CATV or local broadcast signals share the coax with 950 to 3500 MHz DBS signals.