Sonora DBS Ka Ku Auto-gain Amp 1dBn 5dBm PAL1-T

Sonora DBS Ka Ku Auto-gain Amp 1dBn 5dBm PAL1-T
Item Number: PAL1-T
Manufacturer: Sonora
Manufacturer Part No: PAL1-T
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Ka/Ku Auto-gain Amp, Input Window -21 to -41 dBm, Output -1 dBm /CH, 8 dB slope, 250 to 2400 MHz, with Power Transformer, Powers LNB

DBS signals from a single dish are required in multiple and or distant locations connected via coax cable..-nbsp;

SONORA automatic gain controlled amplifiers provide a quality signal, free of distortion, over a wide range of input levels.-nbsp;

Multiple models are based on input windows and desired output levels. Model PAL10 is best for cascades having a -10 dBm per transponder output.

Model PAL5 is the mid-power unit with a -5 dBm per transponder output over a -25 to -45 dBm input.

Model PAL1 is the high-power unit @ -1 dBm.