Sonora DBS Ku Auto-gain Hub 44dBm RKS1x24

Sonora DBS Ku Auto-gain Hub 44dBm RKS1x24
Item Number: RKS1x24
Manufacturer: Sonora
Manufacturer Part No: RKS1x24
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DBS Hub: (1) Input 250 to 2150 MHz, Input Window -31 to -51 dBm, (24) Auto gain Outputs: -44 dBm, 1 RU, with Power Supply

A single DBS input is needed to be split to a large quantity of DBS multi-switches or receivers at a constant signal level.-nbsp;

SONORA distribution hubs amplify DBS signals using automatic gain control to provide a known constant level to multiple outputs.-nbsp;

Several mounting options are available at time of order: wall mount, rack mount with connectors forward or rack mount with connectors to rear. Multiple satellite hubs are available for two, three and five coax inputs (models S2x6, S2x8, S2x12, S3x3, S3x6, S3x8 -amp; S5x8)