Sonora Line Amplifier 14dB 54 to 3500 MHz LA141R-T24

Sonora Line Amplifier 14dB  54 to 3500 MHz LA141R-T24
Item Number: LA141R-T24
Manufacturer: Sonora
Manufacturer Part No: LA141R-T24
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SWM Line Amplifier 14 dB gain, 54 to 3500 MHz, with sub band return 2 to 40 MHz with 24v transformer

The output of a Single Wire Multi-switch is split to multiple rooms or apartments and the receiver signal levels are low at the more distant locations.-nbsp;

Model LA141R boosts basic cable and DBS signal level off setting the loss of 150 feet of RG-6 while passing data modem and receiver control signals from the receiver to the switch.-nbsp;

This product is a universal coaxial amplifier. The amps works with ATSC, CATV, DBS -amp; MFH2. Includes passive 2 to 40 MHz sub-band return.-nbsp;
Model LA141R-T includes model PS12250 12 volt power supply. Model LA141R-T24 includes model PS242000A 24 volt power supply.