Sonora Line Amplifier 14dB 950 to 2150 MHz LA141

Sonora Line Amplifier 14dB 950 to 2150 MHz LA141
Item Number: LA141
Manufacturer: Sonora
Manufacturer Part No: LA141
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DBS Line Amp 14 db gain 950 to 2150 MHz

DirecTV or Dish Line Amplifier 1 Satellite, 14 dB Gain, Receiver/Line Powered Amplifier 22kHz -amp; DiSEqC passing Input: (1) 950 to 2150 MHz Stacked or Unstacked Input Window: -28 dBm to -58 dBm. 3 Sigma

LA141 amplifiers compensate for 125 feet of coaxial cable loss from the LNB to the DBS receiver. Gain of 14 dB is complemented with 4 dB of slope to keep the DBS spectrum flat from transponder 1 to 32. High Return Loss matches the amplifier to the cable and minimizes reflections. The LA141 is receiver powered and passes both the DC and 22 kHz / DiSEqC signals to a switch or LNB. Current draw is only 50 mA (per channel) so receivers operate within their current limit. A maximum input of -28 dBm and a noise figure of 6 dB allows the amplifier to be placed at the dish or the receiver.