Split Ground Bolt UL Approved #4, #6, #8

Split Ground Bolt UL Approve #4, #6, #8
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Manufacturer Part No: Split Bolt
Price: Starting at $1.65
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This are the Grounding Split Bolts UL Approve and DIRECTV Approve.
  • Use this split bolt to join two or more ground wires together like a splice
  • The nut is backed off, insert wires under the head of bolt & tighten nut
  • The nut forces a sliding center T-shaped anvil up against the two wires & crushes  them against the underside of the bolt head.
  • UL approved grounding connectors
  • Solid brass construction
  • Simple grunded splice in just a few minutes
  • DIRECTV approved

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Product Descripton:

This are the split bolt for your grounding wire, they are DERECTV approve and UL approve. Splice in ground wires from ground blocks to the existing electrical system ground wire with this split bolt - or - keep your antenna NEC compliant by grounding the antenna metal structure to an existing electrical system ground wire.

Simply remove the nut/anvil combination part from the threaded bolt, slip the split bolt over the existing ‘trunk’ ground wire, slip your new ground wire inside the split bolt and tighten the nut/anvil to make a good spliced ground connection.

Many uses - any time you need to splice in a new ground wire or spice ground wires together and you don't want to cut through an existing ‘trunk’ ground wire to get the job done.
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