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"You get what you pay for" is true more often than not with any purchase you make. While there may be some purchases where you can skimp, many times you should opt for the best. Making an investment up front pays off in the long term when you realize you're not replacing equipment and parts on a regular basis.


This is one reason why we offer the top brands in the industry. By offering top quality equipment we know we're providing you with products that will last as long as you need them. Our status as the only factory authorized retailer for Acutrac, BirDog and Digistat meters means you're getting the best, so purchase a satellite signal finder from us. Trusted to carry some of the most recognized products on the market, we are proud to offer equipment from highly regarded manufacturers, like Cable Pro, Lava, Digicon ,Maxpeak and others. You'll find all your satellite installation tools all right here.

The features of Acutrac 22

As the largest retailer for satellite meters, we're the experts. We'll give you the information you need while offering the best selection you can find. One of our best selling meters, the Acutrac 22 pro offers extensive features and comes with a variety of components, including a DC battery pack, leather case, AC and DC chargers and more. You'll get an easy to read LCD display, audio on/off options, adjustable LCD contrast and many more useful features. Check out the product description for more information and see how this Acutrac 22 can work for you.

Acutrac Pro meter and excellent prices

The best brands and prices send you on your way to satellite installation! We know that just because we carry the best brands, if you can't afford them then it wouldn't matter what we carry. This is why we offer the lowest prices on the Internet for Acutrac products and others. We want to make your search for and purchase of satellite products as painless as possible. One way we can do that is by lowering prices to meet your needs. You'll still receive the service and quality products you're used to, but you'll actually be able to afford the items you need. Allow us to help you find what you need. Get an Acutrac Pro meter or the connector tools you need at prices that you won't be able to walk away from.