Blue Guard Innovations 2 Input Alarm Panel

Item Number: 79146
Manufacturer: Blue Guard Innovations
Manufacturer Part No: BG-AP-2
Price: $38.90


2 Input Alarm Panel

The BG-AP-2 Alarm Panel is a convenient way to be alerted of multiple vessel alarms on one centralized panel. The BG-AP-2 features 2 visual alarm lights and 1 audible 97 dB alarm speaker. The operating voltage of the BG-AP-2 is 9-36 Vdc. It comes with optional mute switch terminals. The BG-AP-2 easily integrates into your current vessels alarms systems with easy terminal connectors for ground and alarm wire(s). The BG-AP-2 is compatible with Blue Guard Innovations BG-HW, BG-SWA, BG-One, and BG-Oil alarm outputs. The BG-AP-2 comes with four #4 ½” 316 stainless steel mounting screws.