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Job tools: wire crimping and Compression tool, for coax cable connectors

RG6, RG11 HEX wire crimping tool

Getting the job done right is essential. It saves time and money in the long run for both you and your customers. Whether you are a professional working for a company or an individual working on your own satellites or those of people you know, you need the right tools to take care of the job.

If you need a wire crimping tool, we have it. Cable testers, RG11and RG6 connectors the cable itself and more, we have the tools to help you do your job the best way you know how. From the smallest connector to the most decked out meter, we strive to carry the tools that are necessary to get the job done and to do it right. Your customers will appreciate a clean, professional job done correctly, which can be aided when you have the tools you need. We can help you choose the appropriate wire crimping tool and give you the information about which tools will work for the corresponding cables.

Rip it off: coaxial cable strippers

coaxial cable strippers

As important as it is to understand the job you are doing, it is equally as important to know how to handle the tools you are using as well as which tools correspond with other components in the job. While we at satpro sell a wide variety of cable, it is important to know which coaxial cable strippers and other tools are compatible with certain types of cable.

When choosing your cable tools, make sure to check the numbers to ensure they are appropriate for one another. For instance, double check the coaxial cable strippers to verify that they can strip the type of cable you are working with. A little double checking before the job starts can save frustration later!

Because there are variations in the tools we carry, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about our products. Whether you are looking for cable strippers or another item, you might find that there are more to choose from than you knew. Talk to us and we can help you choose.