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RG-6 Compression tools, and other cable management tools

Wire Crimping Tool

Let us supply you with the cable management tools you need! We have cable, connectors, coaxial cable strippers, staplers, staples, coax compression crimp tool and more. Check out our inventory to see the brands we carry and the variations of each tool. We offer various price ranges to fit your budget as well as different types of the items we carry so that you can choose the one that suits you and the job you are dealing with.

Wire Crimping Tool

No product is too insignificant for our attention and no question is too general for us to answer. There is a lot of information to take in and process when it comes to equipment in the satellite industry and we want you to consider us your partner in the field. When you need a wire crimping tool or an entire installation kit, we can help with these products and anything in between. You don't know until you ask, so just ask

Supplying your coax compression crimp tool

Wire Crimping Tool

We don't just supply the tools you need, but we also let you know what tools are compatible with the particular equipment you are purchasing. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, we have the answer for you. Especially if you are a novice installer, the amount of products available might confuse you. Why be frustrated when viewing more than one wire crimping tool? Rather than stay confused and have that confusion grow into frustration, we will tell you which components are compatible.


Coax Compression Crimp Tool

For instance, you may be looking for a connector tool, such as a coax compression crimp tool, and you need to know which connectors work with that tool. You can see on our website, when you are looking at connector tools, which connectors work with that particular product. It's that simple! Of course, we are always available if you have questions about any of our products.