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Slim down with a DIRECTV Slimline Antenna with SWM

DirecTV SWM Dish Keeping up with the latest developments in the satellite industry is one of the things we do best. We are starting to sell the new Directv slimline SWM dish with 5 LNBs, The is the future standard dish for DirecTV. This is the satellite dish you will need to receive the new DirecTV HD Channels. The new SWM is a single wire multiswitch capable of sending the HD signal using only one wire.

Take a look at the items we have that are compatible with the DirecTV slimline SWM antenna. Because many of our products are DirecTV approved, you'll have no problem getting the equipment you need to do the job right. Please also enquire about the new DIRECTV products.

Satellite dish LNB from worlds away

directv SWM

As the large Satellite LNB wholesaler, we are able to provide equipment to companies and individuals all over the world. In our inventory you'll find the satellite dish LNB you require without too much effort. We offer a wide variety of LNBs and LNBFs for FTA, Dish Network and DirecTV.

Worried about your location? Don't be. We ship to Canada, Puerto Rico daily and drop ship to freight forwarders for our international customers. We ship to the Caribbean and Latin America weekly . We want you to be able to receive the equipment you need, which is why we make it easy on you to obtain our products. You'll find the best satellite dish LNB selection at the lowest prices and you'll have no problem receiving your purchase quickly. Ask us about shipping large international orders.

DIRECTV Standard J-Mount Pole Mast For Slimline Dish
Price: $19.99
View DIRECTV Standard J-Mount Pole Mast For Slimline Dish