Dual Pro Dual Power 24/12V Dual Output Battery Charger

Item Number: 81692
Manufacturer: Dual Pro
Manufacturer Part No: DP24/12
Price: $774.60


Dual Power 24/12V Dual Output Battery Charger 

Dual Power charges your marine batteries nearly 2x faster than other chargers in it's class.

Dual Power high frequency chargers simultaneously charge your main battery independently and the rest of your batteries together in series. The result... fast, dependable, efficient charging.

PROView™ Link

• Provides wireless access to remotely monitor charge details of your batteries from your portable device (Free to download)

• Allows you to modify the charge algorithm B.O.S. — Battery Optimization System

• Shuttles energy between batteries to keep “the pack” balanced, increasing battery strength and longevity (optional)