Galaxy 19/25 97W setup

Below is a step by step guide to seting up the Manhattan HD Satellite receiver to the very popular Galaxy 19 @97W satellite.

Step 1. With the receivers remote control press the MENU button. Under the installation menu select the Satellte Setup tab.

Step 2.  Check only option number 022  W 097.0 Ku- Galaxy 19.

Step 3.  Change the satellite settings by moving the arrow on the remote control to the right.
Enter the settings shown in picture below exactly how they appear. 
*These setting are for a Universal LNB 9750/10600 if using a Standard LNB change the LNB setting to (10750).

Step 4. Move the dish to the pointing parameters.  When you start seeing the Quality bar move you are on the satellite try to maximize the Quality signal as best you can anything over 50% is considered good.  The LNB scew or turn will increase the Quality level.

*To uptain the satellite dish pointing parameters please go to  Simply enter your Zip code and select option number 3. satellite 97W Galaxy 19 (G-19) select the (GO!) after selecting the satellite.  Your  Compass azimuth and satellite dish elevation will be calculated for you.

Step 5.  Ounce you have a strong Quality signal you can begin your satellite (Scan). Press the green button on your remote control and the receiver will begin downloading the available Free To Air channels. The receiver will have a channel list with all the channels that have been received. Simply save and exit the menu screen and begin watching your programing.