LevelGuard High Water Alarm Kit

Item Number: 75021
Manufacturer: LevelGuard
Manufacturer Part No: Z26401RK
Price: $79.86


High Water Alarm Kit

Submersible Liquid Level Sensor 

The LevelGuard High Water Alarm is a simple, effective solution to protect against bilge flooding. With a loud 100 dBA piezo horn and LED light display, this high-water alarm will alert to flooding and keep passengers, valuables and electronics safeguarded.


  • Complies with Coast Guard rule (CFR 182.530) requiring vessels 26' (7.9 meters) or more to have an audible bilge alarm
  • No mechanical float switches or moving parts to jam, fail, or wear out
  • No exposed metal probes and no electrical contacts to corrode and fail
  • No seals to leak
  • Clean, flush-mounted alarm panel is styled to fit most decorative marine themes
  • Easy installation
  • 1-year warranty

How it Works:

Field-Effect sensors (encased in rugged plastic) create an invisible, low-power electric field that detects fluid levels. When a conductive material, like water, enters the LevelGuard "e-field", the sensors detect its presence and trigger the alarm. Tested to millions of cycles in fluid control applications, the LevelGuard High Water Alarm performs reliably under extreme conditions of temperature, humidity, UV, vibration and salt water corrosion and is a robust solution for challenging environments. 


  • Voltage rating: 10.5 to 14.4 VDC
  • Requires one 1-amp fuse on positive lead to sensor
  • Draws less than 20 microamps in standby mode, 60 milliamps in alarm mode for always-on direct wiring
  • Multiple alarm panels (fore and aft) can be controlled by one sensor
  • CAUTION: Do NOT connect through ignition

Kit Contents:

  • LevelGuard High Water Alarm panel (1 LED + piezo horn alarm) with 6" (152mm) wire leads
  • LevelGuard High Water Alarm sensor (screw-mounted) with 12" (305mm) wire leads
  • Fuse holder