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Enjoy the convenience of viewing more than one satellite with one dish. Satellite equipment is designed to make your life easier whether you are installing the equipment or enjoying the fruits of your investment. Multi LNB brackets make it possible to view more than one satellite from the same dish. Knowing what brackets to use is half the battle and we're always available for you to ask us what you need.

Our customer service is unmatched! In a field where otherwise you might receive online service from a faceless representative, we want you to know that you can deal directly with a person in our company. Whether you call us or send us an email, you will deal directly with us. Just because you're on the other side of a computer doesn't mean you can't reach someone to answer your questions about a circular or linear LNBF or LNBF bracket, our policies, or anything else. We are here to help!

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It's not just what others are saying about a product we sell, but it's more about what they say about our service and their overall experience with our company. One of the greatest compliments a company can receive is a good word from current customers. Just as it is important to do your research on products before you buy, do the same sort of research when it comes to a company. Another company may sell an LNBF bracket you need, but what about their reputation? Maybe you know fellow coworkers who have dealt with a company and had a bad experience. Take that feedback into consideration when you are deciding what products to purchase.

We are confident that the feedback you hear about SatPro.tv will be positive. We strive to meet our customer's needs as best as we can. After talking to others, if you need to know for yourself, give us a call. We want you to find the multi LNB brackets you need but we want you to walk away with an experience that will bring you back when you're in need of another item. We want to make that easy for you!

Channel Master 1.0 -1.2-1.8 and 2.4 Meter Aluminum LNB Holder
Item Number: SPALM LNB 1.2-1.8
Price: $129.99
View Channel Master 1.0 -1.2-1.8 and 2.4 Meter Aluminum LNB Holder
Channel Master 1.0 -1.2-1.8 and 2.4 Meter LNB Holder.
Item Number: SP LNB 1.2-1.8
Price: $92.99
View Channel Master 1.0 -1.2-1.8 and 2.4 Meter LNB Holder.