Nautic Alert Outdoor Perimeter Wired Motion Sensor

Item Number: 79236
Manufacturer: Nautic Alert
Manufacturer Part No: VXI-DAM-R
Price: $265.00


Outdoor Perimeter Wired Motion Sensor

VX Infinity demonstrates long & stable performance in outdoor environments. It is an advanced outdoor wireless or hardwired motion detector with precise range and field-of-view. Ideal for early detection of intruders outside the boat before they board or make entry, protecting dinghies, motors, and other equipment.

Microwave feature eliminates false detection due to small motion of lines, boomvangs, etc…, as well as spot temperature changes and wind drafts.

Fully adjustable field-of-view and range make this sensor ideal for either a broad, long-range application, or a highly directional detection pattern for masking nearby movement such as on adjacent dock or boats in marinas.

VX Infinity sets up a “Digital Double Layers” to detect an event. Both an upper and a lower detection areas must simultaneously be crossed to generate an alarm. The detected events are independently analyzed so that a misleading coincidence of events can be filtered out. This technology virtually eliminates detection of smaller animals in the monitored perimeter.

Fully supervised by Nautic Alert Insight X2, which includes wireless inactivity and low battery detection.