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When it's time to make an investment you want to make sure you get the most for your money. When it comes to satellite products, whether you are a professional or you're doing it yourself, you need quality equipment that will get the job done. At, we are the satellite professionals. If you have questions or if you already know what you need, we can answer your questions and get you the equipment you're looking for. is the largest satellite meter retailer in the world, we offer the most innovative satellite products. You can find the right satellite locator you need with ease and you'll get the best deal with us.

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A star among meters: Acutrac 22 Pro

Acutrac 22 Pro satellite finder

Carrying the best and most cutting edge products is what we do. We scour the market and keep updated on the latest developments in the industry, which is one of the reasons we are trusted to carry the most well-known brands. One of the hottest meters on the market, the Acutrac 22 Pro is just one example of our best selling products. You'll get the performance you need when you use this meter. Use it to view multiple satellite signals. Other satellite strength meters may do the job, but this one is a standout in its field.

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Our extensive inventory rivals others in our field. While we aim to carry top brands, we also strive to carry a wide range of products. If the search is on for a satellite locator, stop by and check out our selection. Your installation success is important to us so we make what we can available to you. Find satellite strength meters, mounts, testers, antennas, connectors and more. We can tell you what products we think are the best, but we carry a variety so that we can suit your specific needs. We may highly recommend the Acutrac 22 Pro but we also stand behind everything we sell and we're sure you'll walk away a happy customer.