SEA TEL 120 TV, Maritime Satellite TV System

Item Number: 141000-601
Manufacturer: Sea Tel
Manufacturer Part No: 141000-601
Price: $17,899.99


Quick Overview: The Sea Tel 120 TV antenna system features advanced technology that enables the user to receive Ku-Band High Definition satellite services worldwide without ever having to change the LNB. With our simple to use MMI, changing satellite services is as simple as a few button clicks away.

The Sea Tel 120 TV antenna system features advanced technology that enables the user to receive Ku-Band High Definition satellite services worldwide without ever having to change the LNB. With our simple to use MMI, changing satellite services is as simple as a few button clicks away.

With advanced stabilization, the Sea Tel 120 TV is made for extreme conditions. Whether at dockside, anchor or rocking and rolling on the 7 Seas, the Sea Tel
120 TV is the right antenna for watching your favorite satellite TV programming.

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