ZINWELL DIRECTV Approved 4x8 Multi-Switch with AC/DC Module

Item Number: MS4X8WB-Z
Manufacturer: Zinwell
Manufacturer Part No: MS4x8WB-Z
Price: $250.00


  •  4 X 8 Satellite Multiswitch with a AC/DC Module, up to 8 Way Receiver Distribution.
  • * MS4X8WB-Z can be used either with standard alone phase# 3 (triple beam) LNBF or a combination setup of 101° and 95° (or 72.5°) satellites.
  • This 4x8 switch is also cascadable with the same MS4X8WB-Z switch by taking any 4 outputs of the 1st MS4X8WB-Z to the input of next MS4X8WB-Z switch. For examples: 2 pcs MS4X8WB-Z can obtain the 12 outputs of connection. 3 pcs MS4X8WB-Z can obtain 16 receivers connection.